The Complete Guide to Buying a Chaise Style Sectional For Your Home

If you are in the market for a chaise style sectional sofa for your home—you may have noticed their massive surge in popularity.

There is a good reason that sectional sofas are taking the design scene by storm. They are both practical and stylish and depending on the aesthetic can look ultra-modern or rich in classic luxury.

Of sectional sofas, the chaise style sectionals are some of the most versatile. They happen to be one of the best sofa styles for small rooms. At the same time, they can be effectively used in large areas to create pleasing divisions of space.

However, to be able to take full advantage of the benefits of a chaise sectional you will need know how to go about the buying process in order to best the best design for your space and needs. Otherwise, you may end up disappointed in your purchase.

Read on to find out how to buy a chaise sectional like a seasoned design pro.

What Is a Chaise Style Sectional?

A chaise style sectional is a type of sectional sofa that is comprised of a love seat and chaise sofa joined together to form an L.

This results in a luxurious lounging space, without the bulky heaviness that can come with very large sectional sofa styles and full L shaped sofas.

Decide on Which Side You Want the Chaise Lounge Section

The very first consideration you will need to make is on which side you want to chaise or love seat section of the couch. This will have a big impact on the layout of your room once the sectional is in place.

Left-facing sectionals have the chaise section on the left if you are facing the sofa. Right-facing is the opposite. To work out which you need, picture yourself standing in front of the sofa, facing it. If you want the wing on the left, you need a left-facing sofa and vice versa for right.

Measure Your Room

The next crucial step is to measure your room as well as the space that you want the chaise sectional to take up. This will give you a good idea of the dimensions you should look for once you start the purchasing process.

If you already have some potential sofas in mind, you can tape out their dimensions on your floor to gauge how they will fit into the space.

Measure Your Current Seat Depth

To ensure that the width is comfortable, measure the depth of your current sofa. Gauge whether this is right or if you want your new sofa to be wider or narrower.

Use these measurements along with the others when shopping for your chaise sectional.

Decide on the Best Covering Option

The other important decision you need to make on the covering. The covering of your sofa will have a very big impact on its aesthetic, as well as it’s durability, lifespan, and ease of cleaning.

leather sectional can make a great choice, as leather is the most longlasting sofa coverings and has a luxurious look and feel. If you want the best quality of leather and look, we recommend full-grain leather because it is the highest grade of leather in the world.

Enjoy You New Chaise Sectional

Buying a sectional sofa is an exciting undertaking, as it can instantly upgrade the look and feel of a space.

Before you go, be sure to browse our range of full grain leather sectionals.

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