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''Do what you love, and you will find the way to get it out to the world."

-Judy Collins

Simply put, we love furniture. We are huge fans of the industry and get excited to see the newest trends and designs hitting the market. We are fans of the some of the biggest names in furniture retail, such as Pottery Barn, Nieman Marcus, and Restoration Hardware. We feel that even though we are a small company in comparison, we can still offer the same high end style and innovation seen in their product lines. Eight years ago, we thought to ourselves, why not have the same factories that produce their products produce some of ours. Our goal in building our furniture collection is to hand pick each item.

Each employee is part owner of our company and has a deep vested interest in its success and our customers’ happiness. We frequently travel together to meet with our manufacturers and select new pieces to add to our collection. You can be assured that when you speak with a member of our company, their knowledge of the product line will show. Should you have questions about our products, you will be connected with the staff member that hand-picked that item and can answer all of your questions. This is how we differ from other furniture sellers, we truly know the products that we sell. We have made a commitment to offer quality over quantity. We hope you enjoy our site and our furniture as much as we do.

Thank you and enjoy!